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f we usually try to keep each part of the letters not touching each others when drawing a bold typeface, the Jaune Grande family takes the problem upside down and makes everything that can be touch, touch. Like an overcooked cheese gratin, Jaune is sticky and really fat and we like it that way.

With its really short ascenders and descenders, Jaune Display is meant for tight headings, allowing a quasi in-existing line space between each line. This could be super useful for magazine headlines or packagings.

Jaune is a play between black and white. The letters are drawn by the triangle shaped light rays trying to make their way to their heart. Due to their extreme weight, I had to find some innovative structures and ways to deal with weight and contrast. This becomes pretty obvious in some signature glyphs like the a, e and g.

Jaune (yellow, in French), takes its name from my musician friend Jaune for the whom I started to draw a lettering that later became this typeface. Both Jaune are super nice.

The family starts with a single style but will quickly grow with the addition of at least one lighter style.

Jaune in use

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