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Hyper Scrypt

A revert stencil typeface inspired by stained glass. Created with pattern-making in mind.
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The Hyper Scrypt typeface was designed for the Hyper Chapelle exhibition. It was commissioned by AAAAA Atelier.

Hyper Scrypt is a modern stencil typeface inspired by the stained glass technique used in the Metz cathedral. It borrows the stained glass method, drawing holes for the light with black lead. This creates a reverse typeface, where the shapes of the letters are drawn by their counters. Hyper Scrypt is at the intersection between 3 metals : the sacred lead of stained glass, the lead of print characters and the heavy metal. Despite its organic look inherited for the molted metal, Hyper Scrypt is based upon a rigorous grid, allowing some neat alignements between shapes in multi lines layouts.

A project made in collaboration with AAAAA Atelier. Posters and illustrations by them.

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