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Mayenne Sans


Mayenne Sans is a custom typeface designed with an art direction by Atelier Julian Legendre for the department of the Mayenne, in the northwest France.

To renew the brand image of the department, Atelier Julian Legendre asked Jérémy Landes to draw a display font with his existing font Jaune Grande as a starting point. To distinguish this new font from Jaune and make it more legible, it has been chosen to have big apertures and rounder curves. The resulting typeface is way friendlier and conveys the messages of the territory. Like its source, Mayenne Sans as a tremendous x-height with super short ascenders and descenders, allowing tight leading and making it useful for compact heading paragraphs.

From the beginning of the project, it has been decided that this typeface would be open-source, to ensure its future and to make it available for all the inhabitants and structures of the department. Discover the whole project on Atelier Julian Legendre's website.

This is the font used for the headings of this website.

Unfortunately, Mayenne Sans is not publicly available anymore.

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